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Notes on contributors

British Postgraduate Musicology

Volume 8

Carrie Churnside graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in Music and English in 2002. She has stayed in Birmingham, completing her MPhil in 2004, and is currently in her second year of a PhD studying seventeenth-century Bolognese sacred cantatas with Colin Timms.

email: carriechurnside AT hotmail.com

Richard Elliott graduated from the University of Warwick in 1997 with a BA in Comparative American Studies. He completed his MA with the Open University, having turned his attention to the study of popular music. He is currently working towards a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Richard Middleton and Dr. Ian Biddle at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His research interests are in the roles played by loss, memory, nostalgia and revolution in popular music. In addition to anglophone popular musics he works on Portuguese fado music and Latin American nueva canción, reflecting interests developed during extensive periods based in Portugal and Chile.

email: richard.elliott AT ncl.ac.uk

Clare Hammond is currently in her final year studying for a BA in Music at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, where she has been awarded a Langley Senior Scholarship and a Greenwood Prize for academic achievement and the Nigel W. Brown prize for performance. She is planning to remain at Cambridge next year to complete a BMus before moving to London to study piano at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2007.

email: chh26 AT cam.ac.uk

Holly Rogers recently completed her PhD at Magdalene College Cambridge. Her thesis explored alternative models of music-image relationship in film and was supervised by Prof. Roger Parker. The work on Beethoven and film presented here is a rewritten version of her MMus dissertation at King’s College London. Holly has held lecturing posts at University College Cork and University College Dublin and is about to begin a post-doc fellowship at UCD. She hopes to write an audio-visual history of video installation art in the late 1960s and is interested in the areas of performance space, audience engagement and image-music interactions.

email: holly.rogers AT cantab.net


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